Our Mission

To create your future without burdening your parents

Most agents would recommend you private universites over public universites to benefit themselves from high commision rates, while our aim is to find the best suitable option for your needs considering various parameters such as finances. We thrive to find the best options for you from around the world which are not only affordable but also great in all aspects.

Our Mission

We want to see you as our happy client, so that we can boast about our worldwide network of people. So we aim to do the following:

  • Give you awareness of choices which are inline with your goals
  • Find the best scholarships for you
  • Find courses that put you in the top talent
  • Consider immigration options for you once you finish the course
Applicants received scholarship to pursue education in their dream college

Help us make an impact in your life

Shivam Thareja

Co-Founding Partner

After travelling to 11 countries , I realised that many students from developing nations have been misguided in some way or other by their agents in greed of high commisions

So, we decieded to start this new venture in order to help students reach their full potential without having to put pressure on their parents financially.

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Shortlists Public Universities
Couple/Spouse Friendly Immigration
Considers Your Time for Citizenship/ Permanent Residence
Post Course Completion Options Display
Connection with Peers
Connection with Alumni
Supports Your Reasons Such as Career Goals, Ambitions, Flexibility during your Studies
Finds a way for you to Finance your Education without loans
Promotes Entrepreneurship Options
Counter Intuitive Approach - With our experience, we want you to be in your favourite country, pursuing your favourite course with minimum tuition fees being paid
Considers your financial situation

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